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February 22, 2014 to February 1, 2017
Qigong Events. 15 weekly classes! Monday morning, 7:30 am. Spanish river & A1A Boca Raton.
Monday night,7 pm. Cafe of Life, Delray beach 5 NE 2nd St. corner of Swinton.
Tuesday morning, 7:30 am. Atlantic Park Linton & A1A Delray Beach.
Tuesday Afternoon, 1 pm. Cafe' of Life, Delray Beach 5 NE 2nd St.
Tuesday night, 7:30 pm. Hollywood, Body Mind Soul, Sheridan 2 block east of 95.
Wednesday morning, 7:30 am. Boca Beach, Palmetto & A1A.
Wednesday afternoon, 1 pm. Boca, Back in Balance, Palmetto & Powerline.
Wednesday night, 7:15 pm. Ft. Lauderdale, Sunrise, East Roma 6 across from Galleria Mall.
Thursday morning, 7:30 am. Delray Beach Linton & A1A.
Thursday evening, 7:15 pm. Pompano beach, Atlantic 3 bl east of 95, Turtle Run Holistic.
Friday morning, 7:30 am. Spanish river & A1A Boca Raton.
Friday afternoon. Pompano Beach, Turtle Run Holistic.
Saturday morning, 7:30 am. Spanish river & A1A Boca Raton.
Saturday afternoon, 2 pm. North Miami, Mi Vida Cafe' 71St & Biscayne.
Sunday Morning, 9:30 am. Hollywood beach.
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